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DigiVista Offers a Full Range of Video Production Services.

Since 1979 DigiVista has been involved in the development of advanced healthcare programming, ranging from satellite and network streaming for conferences to modern day CME programming available on DVD or internet streams. Our Medical Media branch, MEDIVISION™ collaborates with recognized leaders in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical sciences along with medical specialists, accredited universities and medical schools to provide their international programming needs and initiatives; our online educational video/DVD catalog contains over 200 titles in 35 separate healthcare fields ranging from Cardiology to Institutional Management and, including a wide variety of specialist topics essential to healthcare professionals. DigiVista offers complete, professional video production services that can develop your project from concept to distribution.

Video also plays an important role in our web design and SEO strategies. Custom videos embedded in your website provide an excellent platform for you to introduce yourself to potential clients, deliver important information and update stale content.
While the search engines can't "crawl" the content of a video, they certainly recognize it and utilize the title tags in their algorithms. Additionally, posting videos to YouTube and other social media sites not only gain more exposure for your business, they provide vital 3rd party links back to your primary website and help redirect traffic to your main address on the web. Because simple web-delivered video doesn't always require the special equipment and advanced editing used in our more advanced programs it can be processed quickly and inexpensively, providing excellent content value.