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Building a Complete Web Presence for Your Business or Practice.

Most people today realize that the internet is the world's most prominent reference tool. If you don't have a viable, dynamic web presence you can be sure that your competition does.

Yet what some people fail to realize is that the simple website they built 4 or 5 years ago may be practically invisible to anyone who doesn't have it bookmarked. People can't find your business address without a street number, and they won't find your website without practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Gone are the days when you could simply upload a page of information and expect it to be available to the world with a simple search phrase; with over 644 million active web sites online, your site has to stand out.

Search engines use extremely complex algorithms to determine who gets directed to your site. These algorithms are executed by software that constantly scans the world wide web, reading the code in every HTML document. These programs, -known as "crawlers", "bots", or "spiders"- compare your content, scripting and site map to information in their cache to see if you have added anything new. They compare it to similar websites to see if your content is unique. They check to see who else has referenced your website, and how many people are visiting it.
If the crawlers determine that you have fresh, unique and important information they're going to grant it higher page ranking: i.e., your web site will place higher in search results. If you haven't updated anything recently, have only a few visitors and no other sites (such as social media) reference it, it's going to be moved lower in search results.

Another important point is the proliferation of mobile devices used to browse the web. If your website is only designed for a PC monitor, it's not going to be navigable on an iPhone or tablet. Modern, responsive web design (RWD) means you can have a single website that not only works across all platforms and devices, but that seamlessly optimizes itself to suit the needs of any given user experience.

Whether you need a new web site or an old site brought up to speed, DigiVista can construct an entire digital presence for your company or practice. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


Medical Marketing and Media

With more than 15 years production and development experience on the World Wide Web, our Medical Media branch, MEDIVISION™, utilizes the latest Internet technology to create dynamic, interactive web portals and internet delivered multimedia content. MEDIVISION™'s experienced designers break away from "cookie-cutter" websites with dynamic, original graphics and content layouts while maintaining ease of viewing, fast loading times and concise content delivery. Our programmers are experienced in a variety of scripting languages insuring seamless connections between your site and specialized content or programs. Video, audio and animation are easily incorporated into your site for users with varying bandwidth concerns.

Video Programming

Our online educational video/DVD catalog at Health-e-Mall contains over 200 titles in 35 separate healthcare fields ranging from Cardiology to Institutional Management, and including a wide variety of specialist topics essential to healthcare professionals. Since its inception in 1979 our company has established itself as a world leader in satellite, network and video delivered healthcare programming, repeatedly setting global industry standards for quality and accessibility in continuing medical education. We collaborate with recognized leaders in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical sciences along with medical specialists, accredited universities and medical schools to provide their international programming needs and initiatives.