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If You Don't Have a Dominate Web Presence, Your Competitors Will.

First impressions are everything; as more and more people are using the web to find attorneys, our goal is to establish your firm's web presence to give your potential clients the best first impression.

Developing Your Internet Presence

Our progressive legal web designers and developers produce engaging, value minded websites that fall within the legal marketing budget of most law firms.
When people need legal representation, they often don't have the time to research the law firms in their area. In many cases they have little experience with attorneys and they will accept assistance from the first localized source they find on the Internet.
If you don't have a dominate web presence, that source will be one of your competitors.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is extremely complicated and the rules are constantly changing. High page ranking is vital in order for clients to find your website. We work closely with attorneys to help develop strong SEO strategies, directing potential clients to your website by providing relative content that is easily accessed by complex search engine algorithms. We can assist in developing your social media profile through content rich blogs, video channels and active social networking sites. Our experienced writers will research topics specific to your firm, developing custom articles and information for your website and blog.

Video is one of the best marketing tools you can use to develop a client's first impression. According to comScore, users who view a video in your website are more than twice as likely to initiate a contact.
Videos streamed from popular sites such as YouTube can also contribute strongly to your SEO, improving your Google search rankings and increasing traffic to your website.

Dynamic Presentations

In addition to our web design and development services, our professional artists and media developers create courtroom presentations, forensic animations and event re-creations. We develop carefully constructed 3D animations of actual events based on existing documentation. These can be delivered in a variety of standard video formats and can be integrated with still photos, document scans or other video to create a dynamic illustration of the event sequence.

Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software is a common courtroom tool, but its simplistic animations, lack of media integration tools and monotonous slide format has led many experts to coin the phrase "death by PowerPoint." Our developers are trained in state of the art special effects software which, combined with Shockwave Flash, can create powerful presentations for use in the courtroom setting.
Unlike PowerPoint, Flash allows the presenter to have all the information available at any time with highly customized interactive menu options. In addition it allows for a full range of animation, multiple video integration capabilities, dynamic content flow and a variety of delivery alternatives such as internet, CD/DVD or hardware based presentation.

Our expert graphic designers are trained in visual composition and will design your presentation using advanced graphics and content management. Whether your content is already in PowerPoint and just needs an updated look or you need a presentation built on the fly, DigiVista can provide the perfect marriage of content, technology and design for all your multimedia presentation needs.

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