DigiVista Information Group Webdesign and Creative Services in Houston Texas

Welcome to the DigiVista Information Group

Specializing in Web Creative Services for the Legal and Medical Fields.

Legal Marketing and Media

Our progressive legal web designers and developers produce engaging, value minded websites that fall within the legal marketing budget of most law firms.
First impressions are everything and with more and more people are using the web to find attorneys, our goal is to establish our clients with a strong presence to give your potential clients the best first impression. We understand the importance of quickly and concisely displaying your legal practice's accomplishments and capabilities so that your website can be used as an effective marketing tool. We aim to capture potential clients' interest with exceptional graphic design, easily legible content and high search rankings.
Our media development team also provides quality graphics, animations and multimedia productions custom tailored to your case needs. Our productions are designed to ensure relevant, accurate information for your courtroom presentation or mediation. We work with attorneys to create accurate, carefully constructed 3D animations of actual events based on existing documentation. We also produce multimedia courtroom presentations and trial support services.

Medical Marketing and Media

With more than 20 years production and development experience on the World Wide Web, our Medical Media branch, MEDIVISION™, utilizes the latest Internet technology to create dynamic, interactive web portals and internet delivered multimedia content. MEDIVISION™'s experienced designers break away from "cookie-cutter" websites with dynamic, original graphics and content layouts while maintaining ease of viewing, fast loading times and concise content delivery. Our programmers are experienced in a variety of scripting languages insuring seamless connections between your site and specialized content or programs. Video, audio and animation are easily incorporated into your site for users with varying bandwidth concerns.

Video Programming

Our online educational video/DVD catalog at Health-e-Mall contains over 200 titles in 35 separate healthcare fields ranging from Cardiology to Institutional Management, and including a wide variety of specialist topics essential to healthcare professionals. Since its inception in 1979 our company has established itself as a world leader in satellite, network and video delivered healthcare programming, repeatedly setting global industry standards for quality and accessibility in continuing medical education. We collaborate with recognized leaders in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical sciences along with medical specialists, accredited universities and medical schools to provide their international programming needs and initiatives.